29 July 2014

It's hard to say goodbye

Our cat, Patches, will be 17 years old this November. Or would be, except we don't think she's going to make it through the week. 

She hasn't taken food or water for about 6 days, can't walk more than a few steps before laying down to rest, is noticeably thinner, and is hiding in a box of blankets in our basement. She can barely manage a "meow".

She's been with me since she was a month old (long before I met my wife), and is the stereotypical lap cat.

We're planning on letting our 6 year old daughter spend some extra time with her tomorrow morning, after which I'll be taking Patches to the vet. I don't think she'll be coming home with me though.

I'm surprisingly upset about all this.

28 July 2014


...it feels like my life has been nothing more than a series of mistakes.


14 August 2013

How Dare You?!?

So today I was at a meeting with the stakeholders of a project I'm involved in.  The short version is that 2/3 of the sponsors had apparently had a separate meeting and decided that they wanted to take over the project.

Never mind that neither of them has met any of the project deadlines.

Never mind that neither of them could make a decision to save their lives (actually, they keep changing their minds, after the project team has implemented what they asked for).

Never mind that neither of them has any project management experience.

Never mind that they assaulted my integrity and reliability, but when I boiled their comments down and called them out, neither would take a stand.


14 May 2013

There are places I remember. ..

Like the Beatles tune, there are places, people and things I still can recall.

I miss one person in particular. While we never really made it past the "friends" stage (for a number of reasons), I always felt ... different ... when we would spend time together.

Hi ho, hi ho

It's off to work I go.

Just don't WANT to...

21 June 2012

Be careful out there!

Predicted temp today is 103, with 97% humidity

. Somehow, heat index calculators say that will feel like 211 degrees Fahrenheit.

02 June 2012

Almost time!

In 26 hours, I'll be on my way to Las Vegas for Hexagon2012!